Symposium: Innovating Cities

What have I done?

I was asked to give a presentation on a symposium at the TU/e during the DDW week. In an earlier assignment I designed a tangible business model, in the form of a laboratory, that represents the city of Eindhoven from a business perspective. Together with Vera van Ommeren I builded the tangible model, prepared a presentation and presented this during the SDL weeks.

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What have I learned?

Presenting for a big crowd

The presentation was a moment to practice my communication skills for a bigger audience than normally. The pressure was high, as we had limited time to prepare and the audience were all experienced business people. I already did this presentation earlier which was a great succes so now I tried to copy this by learning the text by heart. This was a mistake and I will not do this again as I forgot parts of what I wanted to say. Luckily Vera complemented me in a professional way so the audience did not notice it. The presentation was received very positive and three researchers from the TU/e wanted to have contact with us later because they are working on the same thing.

Why does this contribute to my development?

Presenting for a big crowd

I want to be a designer and also a great presenter to communicate my ideas. This is important in several stages of the design process; first when generating ideas and communicating it to peers, than to users and in the end selling the idea to clients. I want my ideas to get out there and being a great presenter is an importat asset for that.

Next steps

In order to become more comfortable in front of big crowds I am going to participate in a 4 week-workshop in debate. Here I will practice argumentation structures and persuasive techniques. My teacher Camilla van de Boom who invited me to this symposium was very enthousiastic afterwards and she told us that we had to get this message into the world, so maybe we are going to make a movie about it as well.