Workshop: HTML & CSS

What have I done?

In the SDL weeks I participated in a 3-days workshop about HTML & CSS. I have made websites before but I never coded it all by myself. To be able to have more freedom in showing my work I wanted to know more about HTML and especially CSS. Within the workshop I practiced this on multiple tasks. After the workshop I wrote the code of this draft showcase.

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What have I learned?

Basic HTML & CSS

The workshop started at the very base of writing HTML & CSS. This was a bit boring because I already knew a bit, but it was good to start from scratch to have a better understanding about the language. I know that it's only a mark-up language instead of real programming and compared to processing I find HTML & CSS more easy. Furthermore I learned to start with a very clear website structure; with a good structure the CSS is fairly easy. After the website I was able to make this draft showcase.

Why does this contribute to my development?

Basic HTML & CSS

Being able to make your own website can be very useful for a designer. In order to show work, or if you're very good at it, it can even become your work! I don't see myself begin a website specialist, but I do want to become better at is as I learned that apps are written in HTML as well nowadays. Being able to build apps and websites is a great asset of course.

Next steps

After the workshop I have to continue practicing HTML & CSS. The next website will be a present for somebody and after that my showcase.